I just realized….

Today we decided to hit up a local thrift store. It’s slowly becoming my new shopping wonderland. But that’s not the point of this post.

I just realized something amazing today. I can shop anywhere. I don’t have to worry if they carry plus sizes, I don’t have to worry that my size will be picked over. Because I can shop anywhere.

Another thing I realized this year is that Halloween is going to be fun. You see when your bigger your costume choices are limited at best but I walked into the thrift store and realized I can try on 90% of these costumes and they will fit! I can be whatever I want to be this year while trick or treating with the kids I don’t have to be limited to the few costumes that will fit me. The kids and I got a little excited in the thrift store and decided we needed to think our costume choices over before deciding what we will be. So in a few weeks I look forward to showing you all what I’ve chosen.

Oh by the way I didn’t leave the store without anything. I ended up finding an amazing jacket which is a good thing cause my old one doesn’t fit anymore. ¬†I was also very very excited to find a pair of rain pants so I can take the kids to the park during our raining months and join in on the fun this year instead of staying indoors.

Some days I am amazed at how much I didn’t realize what I was missing at my heaviest weight. I mean I knew I was missing out on things but I no longer take anything for granted from being able to hike and play in the rain with the kids to finding clothing I like instead of what fits. I am now living my life to the full!

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