I can run

Today I started on a brand new journey for me. I started a 10 K running program and I am very excited to report it was amazing! I walk/ran for 40 minutes and didn’t fall of collapse. I found that running 30 seconds and walking for 4.30 minutes was a little too slow for me so we will be jumping a little ahead of schedule in our running routine.  I am having trouble putting into words just how excited I am. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that I might actually become a runner. For years I have said when I lose the weight I will run, when I lose the weight I will do this or that. I  am far from losing all the weight that I have to lose but I am running. I’m actually excited for Wednesdays run.

As well as being proud that I ran today I am proud that I walked more then 10000 steps. And that I have  eaten within my calories for over a week.

Here’s to hoping all my hard work pays off on the scale tomorrow!

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