What Did We Find In The Kitchen Day 2,3 & 4

Oops I forgot to upload what we ate the past few days so here it is.

On New Year Eve we started the morning off with blueberries with a lemony yogurt (I would love to share this recipe but it’s not mine to share, head over to My Bariatric Kitchen on facebook to find out how you can get the recipes)

For lunch we had some steak with Salad and leftover fajita peppers

And then for supper we ordered sushi

New Years day Menu

For Breakfast I had some Banana Foster Overnight Oatmeal

Lunch I decided to make a healthy Moussaka ( I will post the recipe in another blog)

And Supper was Roasted Lamb with salad that I forgot to take a picture of.

Safe to say we will be having leftovers today since I made big pan of moussaka and the lamb roast.

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