Clear the freezer

So it’s been about 8 days since I updated on how the clearing of the freezer is going. Honestly I apparently suck at staying on track lol. I have actually went out and bought some chicken and a roast but I swear I’m not buying anymore food lol. I really want to be able to fit a freezer pack from the butcher in so I have to empty my freezer. I still want to keep giving you meal ideas that are healthy so here’s what we have been eating.




frozen fruits



leftovers from the night before


ham( I made a ham for dinner and then use the rest of it up during the week so I don’t have to buy deli meat)




hummus and carrots

cucumber sammies

grill cheese

egg wraps


meat loaf made into meatballs

fish and zucchini fries

chicken with salad

ham with frozen veggies and rice


meatballs with spaghetti

breakfast for supper(pancakes, sausages, eggs)

And leftovers


Now I want to take more pictures of what we are eating so that’s tomorrow’s goal. I also don’t want to wait 8 days between postings. I’m hoping that by the ends of the freezer clearing I will have made myself somewhat of a simple healthy meal plan.

I’ll check back in tomorrow. Let me know what you’ve been cooking up in your kitchen.

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