Camera Shy?

Ok so I know I keep saying I’m going to vlog but I seem to have developed some camera shyness. While I work thru that I will continue to get a blog out once a week.

Even if I’ve realized I’m not comfortable in front of the camera, I have still been continuing on with my empty the freezer challenge. I’m hoping to clear a good portion of my freezer by August 14th because I plan on hitting a wholesale grocery store and stocking up the freezer with items that are on sale. Now I’m not stocking up because of the pandemic or a weather event but rather in an order to curb our grocery budget. The plan is to bulk buy meat in order to stay out of the grocery stores. In September I’ll update you on if we managed to stay on the budget we set or not.

So want to know what’s been cooking in the kitchen lately? Well your in luck here’s a list of foods we’ve eaten since the last blog.

We made some sushi, middle eastern meat pies made in wonton wrappers, ginger beef, BBQ steak, roasted lamb, waffles, steak and eggs, caramel apples, homemade bagels are just some of the meals we managed to make from the freezer and pantry 🙂

What have you been cooking lately?

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