Calling it quits

So I have been challenging myself to empty the freezer, but I am calling it quits. Why? Well because apparently this frugal mama can’t walk away from good sales on proteins. Last week I purchased 10lbs of butcher quality lean ground beef, chicken drumsticks and ground sausages that were all on sale. You see I have always been the type of person to stock up while the budget is good for weeks when the budget isn’t so great.

After buying all that meat you would think I would be done shopping right? Wrong I then went down to the states ( Hello Bellingham, WA) and I couldn’t resist a few deals there either I mean cottage cheese for 1,77$, cream cheese for 1,77$, milk for 1,99$ all these things we go thru regularly!

So what now to continue talking about my weight loss journey? Well I’m going to still share with you some recipes I’m making for my family as well as my workout routine and my daily life as a homeschooling mama.

So with that I am off to get some rest and enjoy what’s left of my holiday long weekend 🙂

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