Back in the Groove

So today is Day 1 of clear the freezer and eat healthy.

Here’s what we ate:

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with leftover cooked ham

Lunch was salad with tuna and a bit shredded cheese for me. The kids had some deli turkey wrapped around a cheese string with fresh cherries and crackers



Supper was a new dish we tried called Cowboy Grub which we all loved and it made tons of leftovers


Snacks we had some popscicles, baby carrots and hummus, crackers and tzaziki, watermelon and cherries.


Now of course I didn’t spend the whole day in the hot kitchen I also had some fun in the sun. The kids and I got out our jump ropes and played. I forgot how much fun it was to jump rope and sing songs.


After dinner it was time to head to my new gym and get my sweat on. I have to say my new gym has a great workout vibe going on compared to most gyms I’ve been to. Here’s a pic of me doing a circuit at the new gym. I have to say I feel like making simple meals and working out this week has made life much easier and actually given me more time to play and homeschool the little ones.

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