Back at it

So a while ago I had mentioned wanting to cook several recipes from my cookbook collection. Well this week I finally picked which cookbook author I would finally start with. It’s none other then Red Drummond recipes. I have all of her cookbooks and have acquired numerous recipes off her cooking show and website. So today I am going to introduce you to a delicious recipe my kids were so excited to try. I made Ree Drummond Cookies and cream Rolls, you can find the recipe here. Now I’m a little bit of a rule breaker when it comes to following recipes. So I should let you know that I actually made my dough in the bread machine using the dough cycle instead of following the steps listed in the recipe. I also may have misread the filling and mixed the crushed cookies in with the cream cheese filling. It didn’t matter though these were delicious and decadent. I would caution you thou if you don’t have big eaters in your house you may want to consider making the rolls a little smaller. My kids can eat a half of these amazing rolls at a time. Here’s a few pictures of the rolls thru the process. Trust me you want to give these a try they don’t disappoint.

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