A New Chapter

Yet again I’ve been quiet…. After the move and unpacking we spent some time getting to know our new town, neighbours and meet some local homeschooling families to make some friends.

After the summer and establishing some great new friendships I thought things would finally slow down a bit. I had these grand ideas that I would be able to get back to blogging. But life got busy yet again. We were so happy to be close to family that we travelled a few times to see loved ones and spend time with our parents. Then Christmas happened. And then the best news of all we started house shopping!

I’m glad to report that we house shopped and have finally found and purchased our first family home . So I’m thinking what better way to get back into blogging then sharing our house reno journey!

My husband and I purchased an amazing house that was built in 1918 and has so much character. While it does need some carpets taken out and some paint, this is our dream home. On Friday we are going to start buying our paint, removing rugs and putting our personal touches on the house. My in-laws will thankfully be coming down to help us! I’m excited for the kids to create some great memories of helping mom, dad, grandpa and grandma paint their home. Now I know the kids in all reality probably won’t be doing the painting and work but they will get to pick their paint color for their rooms and see the house transformation with us.

I do want to let you know that I will start talking about my weight loss and healthy eating as well as the renovations of our house. I’m still committed to talking about having a healthy lifestyle and giving you all some meal ideas. For now here’s some pictures of some of the house.

One of the rooms we need to rip the rug out of
Side view of the staircase
The original staircase that we will be refinishing
Our dinning room light fixtures

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