2015 Day8

So far 2015 has been amazing. I am on track with my food and exercise. I don’t feel like I am stressing out about everything I am just getting it done.  What do I mean when I say I’m not stressing about it well here are a few examples. I use to try and make a schedule for my workouts so I could head to the gym and have a great sweat session.  So far this year I have been to the gym once. I have decided that sometimes you need to go with the flow. If the kids want to Zumba but that’s not what I had planned at that time, then I say who cares! It makes the kids happy and it get my workout done for the day. It also shows them that it can be fun to be active.

Another thing I stopped stressing about was food.  There are 365 days in a year and you need to eat 3 meals everyday.  I have my basic meal plan that I use if I get bored I swap out a recipe not the whole meal plan. I am finding it easier to do this since I started buying a meat box from my local butcher. Everything we have tried from the butcher is amazing and he even provides at least one ready type meal per box. In the last box we had turkey meat loaf and steak and potato pie I kept those for days when I knew I would want to throw my food in the oven and get other things done. I also let go of the notion that every meal has to be fancy. Sometimes a nice piece of meat and frozen veggies is all you need. The only thing I want to change in the food department is making my own bread. I will get around to it but like I said I’m not stressing.

My lunch is cooked so I gotta run but talk to you tomorrow 🙂

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